Signs It’s Time to Call a Fence Repair Company in Nassau County

Signs It’s Time to Call a Fence Repair Company in Nassau County

Nothing lasts forever, and that applies to wooden fences. Under optimal conditions, a wooden fence can last for up to a decade, but it will eventually degrade and rot. These fences should be maintained frequently with paint or stain, but it should be inspected regularly to detect any of the below issues.

Missing Fasteners

Wooden fences are usually held together by a combination of screws, nails, and other metal fasteners that keep boards and panels in place. Over time, fasteners can loosen and drop out due to the wind, rain, and other forces of nature. During an inspection, a Fence Repair Company Nassau County will check to see that fasteners are still in place.

Wood Rot

Summer can be hot and dry, but there are still ample opportunities for rot to occur. Spring rains give moisture time to affect the boards of a wooden fence, and winter gives ice and snow a chance to work into the wood’s pores. Sealants and stains only work for so long, and they must regularly be reapplied to prevent rot.

Broken and Cracked Boards

Cracking is a common occurrence in older wooden fences, particularly where boards have been untreated for a long time. When wood is unprotected, moisture can get in, causing boards to change shape and size. Because the wood is held in place by metal fasteners, it can’t extend laterally. Instead, it bows and bends. Over time, the motion can cause permanent warps and cracks as well as splinters and other problems.

Costly Fixes

If the above issues aren’t too severe, they can be resolved with the installation of new panels and parts. However, if a fence is significantly damaged, it may be more practical to remove and replace it entirely. Homeowners can get quotes for Fence Repair Company Nassau County to determine the cost of repair vs. replacement.

Non-Wood Options

If a homeowner plans to get a new fence, there’s no reason to limit options to only those made of wood. Some of the issues mentioned here will happen eventually, but a vinyl fence will not decay or lose structural integrity. To learn about fencing options, contact Precision Fence LLC or visit their website at

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