Sink Installation Services for a Combination Sink and Laundry Tub

Homeowners may want to convert an area of their house to a combination bathroom and laundry room. Plumbing contractors who provide Sink Installation Services and install other features can accomplish this project. The property owner must decide how big this room will be and what features it will have. The plumber can help with practical considerations, such as the most efficient way of tapping into existing plumbing.

If the room can be near another area with plumbing, that is the most cost-effective strategy. It might be set up back-to-back with the kitchen or another bathroom, for example. Another possibility would be to have this room set up directly underneath an upstairs bathroom. Otherwise, a plumber from a company such as All Pro Plumbing must be more creative in running pipes from the existing plumbing structure to another part of the house. There also will be additional costs for more materials.

The homeowners must decide whether they want a laundry tub or two in addition to the toilet and sink. With the right Sink Installation Services, a large, deep sink can function as a laundry tub as well as a place for people to wash their hands with a faucet after using the bathroom. This room can be very convenient for people living in the house as well as for guests, especially if the residents like to have big gatherings now and then.

With a laundry tub, the discharge hose from the washing machine is set up to release water to be drained from this fixture. This has the advantage of allowing people to trap fiber and hair from the water instead of it being flushed down the sewer pipe. It should be noted that a laundry tub containing a large amount of water is very heavy, and the wall structure must be able to support it. Otherwise, it can be shored up as part of floor cabinetry with a countertop. Many people like to have a big sink or tub like this for soaking extremely dirty items, washing delicate fabric or bathing the dog. The home’s residents just need to add a container of liquid soap and a hand towel to make the sink suitable for washing hands. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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