SSI Law in Luzerne County, PA is Very Important to People Claiming Benefits

SSI Law in Luzerne County, PA is Very Important to People Claiming Benefits

The first thing a worker feels when they get hurt on the job is fear. They have a feeling their company isn’t going to believe them, and they’re intimidated even though they’re suffering from pain. Of course, if they lose a finger or arm, the company is going to believe them because they can plainly see the injury. Any worker can tell you that, if they hurt their back, elbow, leg, or hip, they’ll be sent to a company doctor who’ll just tell them they probably already had this problem, they’ll get better soon, and they should get back to work.

When a person knows they’re going to be forced back to work, they’re afraid to speak up and tell their company they simply can’t work. They’re afraid they’ll lose their job, their income, and wonder where they will get another job to support the family if they leave this one. This is an awful spot to be in, and they begin to understand what “up the creek without a paddle” means. If a worker is expected to be disabled and out of work for an extended period of time, they’ll want to talk to an attorney who understands and can explain SSI Law In Luzerne County PA. Attorneys also post answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on their websites.

Click here for extremely important information concerning Worker’s Compensation claims and Social Security Disability claims. Attorneys know that, normally, Social Security claims are denied the first time they’re submitted and a person only has 60 days to appeal them. Why the first claim is denied is a wonder to many people, especially when the claimant is usually approved when the appeal is made.

Having an attorney file the appeal carries an enormous amount of weight, and respect, which helps clients receive their benefits and the compensation they deserve. Without attorneys fighting for them, they would be up the proverbial creek. SSI Law in Luzerne County PA has helped many clients get the money they need to live when they’ve suffered a disability. Without these benefits, many people would have no way to pay their rent or take care of their families.

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