Stay Environmentally Friendly With A Green Burial

One of the latest trends in burials is to make a light footprint during the process. You can create a funeral that is environmentally friendly while focusing on keeping your spending at a minimum. By considering the benefits of a green burial, you can decide whether or not this option is right for you.

What is involved in the cost of green burials?

In green burials, one is most likely to consider the green burial cost when planning and executing the burial. Some of the things that can minimize the cost are the price of the casket and burial vault. In green burials, a casket made of natural materials such as pine or wicker is typically chosen because of its ability to decompose easily after a period of time. A decomposing casket is a much more environmentally friendly option and also allows the green burial cost to be much lower.

With a Green burial you can feel positive about your choices

With a green burial, you can feel positive about the choices you have made after your loved one has passed away. Whether your loved one has requested a green burial or not, it is a choice you can make along with other members of your family. Once you have chosen to have a green burial, you can feel confident knowing that your choices are affecting the environment in a positive way.

Other green burial options

In addition to choosing naturally decomposing caskets to bury your loved one in, there are other green burial choices to consider. Many families choose to place the departed in a shroud and bury them in the ground without the use of a casket. If this option appeals to your family, it would also help to minimize the overall green burial cost.

By considering green burial as an alternative to a traditional burial, you can leave the environment minimally affected making the earth a cleaner and healthier environment. Find out more about green burial cost when you contact your local funeral home for a consultation.

Evergreen Washelli is the premier burial company providing environmentally friendly green burial options.

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