Stopping Nursing Home Neglect In College Park

by | May 10, 2016 | Lawyers

It’s unfortunate that Nursing Home Neglect in College Park happens. People trust nursing home employees to do the right things. They don’t expect nursing home employees to treat people badly. In some cases, neglect can go on for years. That is why it’s important for individuals to pay close attention to what is going on in the nursing homes they are thinking of using for loved ones. Have there been reported incidents of abuse in the past? How are employees vetted? What do people who have used the nursing home in the past have to say?

People who take their time when choosing a nursing home can usually avoid Nursing Home Neglect in College Park. If something doesn’t feel right during a visit, that feeling should be trusted. Sometimes, people just get a sense that something is wrong. They can end up regretting not going with their feelings. Popping up unannounced is a great way to check out a nursing home. Does the staff seem to be annoyed by unannounced visits? If so, why? People who are easily annoyed by unannounced visits might also become easily annoyed with the individuals they are supposed to care for. That might lead to abuse or neglect.

Keeping the lines of communication open is a great way to spot Nursing Home Neglect in College Park. If a person doesn’t visit a loved one who is in a nursing home, how will they know whether or not that loved one is being treated right? Phone calls can be good, but not nearly as good as face-to-face visits. During a face-to-face visit, facial expressions can be noticed. A person can tell if a loved one is losing weight. Excessive weight loss might mean that an individual is sick or isn’t getting proper nutrition. Hygiene can also be noticed during face-to-face visits.

Whenever neglect or abuse is suspected, the Jaklitsch Law Group or another law firm should be contacted. People can talk to lawyers and express their concerns. Lawyers can then let people know what can be done about the situation. If something bad is indeed going on, it’s important to act fast. People don’t deserve to be mistreated in nursing homes.

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