Taking Your Child To Pediatric Urgent Care

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Health

For parents, knowing that urgent care clinics have extended hours and even provide medical care on Saturdays gives great peace of mind.

Not only do these clinics provide pediatric urgent care, but they also save the family from having to go to the Emergency Room for minor to moderate types of health issues, which is a lot less stressful for children and parents alike and certainly less expensive.

How it Works

If a child has a non life-threatening health issue going to a pediatric urgent care is like going to any walk-in clinic. Parents will need to bring their proof of medical insurance and a current identification card with a photo. If there is no medical insurance, bring cash or a credit card to cover the payment for the services.

You do not need to call ahead or make an appointment, just bring the child. If you aren’t sure if they need urgent care or an Emergency Room, you can call and talk to the staff. Staff cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis over the phone, but they can recommend using an ER service based on the information you provide.

Typically, most patients will be seen in an urgent care clinic within an hour. This will vary based on the presenting issue for the child as well as the number of people in the clinic. Parents may want to bring a few books, toys or electronics to keep kids occupied until their appointment.

Appropriate Issues

Children with minor injuries due to sports, accidents or falls can be seen at a pediatric urgent care. Issues with ear infections, colds, allergies (nonlife-threatening) or urinary tract infections are also treated at these clinics.

In general, any type of issue that is causing the child discomfort can be treated at the urgent care clinic. This can include digestive problems, fevers, minor burns or cuts as well as rashes or hives and skin reactions.

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