Technicians Providing HVAC Service in Colorado Springs CO Feel Concerned When Air Filters Never Look Dirty

People who have a furnace in the home probably have heard many times that changing the air filter regularly is important. They also probably hear conflicting advice on how often this should be done. If this is confusing, they can ask the opinion of a technician who provides HVAC Service in Colorado Springs CO.

The Problem With Filters That Never Look Dirty

For instance, the directions on the labeling might instruct the buyer to change the filter every 60 days. The person decides to follow these instructions but feels troubled because the filter usually looks pretty clean. Does it really need to be swapped out that often? And is it actually working if it doesn’t look dirty?

Technicians who provide HVAC Service in Colorado Springs CO will be concerned if a customer says the air filter never gets dirty. There are several possible reasons for this, and all of them can cause damage to the furnace. Repairs would need to be made by a technician from a company such as Smith Plumbing and Heating. Browse our website to read about this particular organization.

Wrong Size

The household residents may be using a filter that is too small. Perhaps someone who lived in the home previously marked the wrong size on the outside of the appliance, or maybe somebody made a mistake one time and then continued to buy that size. Dirt particles, hair, and other debris can get around a filter that isn’t big enough for the compartment.

Incorrect Placement

Another problem is inserting the filter upside down or backward. Most of these devices are intended to have air flowing from one side through the material to the other side. Arrows should indicate which way to place the filter, but it isn’t always obvious to people who are unsure about how furnaces and air flow work together.

Ask Questions

If the residents are unsure how to know which size filter to use or which direction the arrow should point, they can have a heating and cooling technician stop by and ask any questions they have. If it’s nearly time for the annual maintenance and inspection to be done, the technician can offer answers this during the same appointment.

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