Three Tips To Follow When Selling Jewelry To Jewelry Buyers In Chicago

If a person needs some extra cash, they should go through the jewelry box on the bureau. Many people have old, outdated jewelry that they don’t wear and will probably never wear again. This jewelry can be sold for cash, giving the individual the extra money that they need. Before a person sells to jewelry buyers in Chicago, there are a few tips that they should know.

Have Reasonable Expectations

When a person takes their belongings to a jewelry buyer, it is important that their expectations aren’t too high. If the individual is selling an heirloom piece of jewelry, the buyer won’t care that it was owned by the seller’s great-grandmother. The buyer will go by the value of the piece. It is very rare for a jewelry buyer to offer the seller anything close to its purchase price. The price would be based on the beauty, the rarity, the originality, the materials that the jewelry is made of, and where the piece was originally purchased. The buyer should keep these things in mind when selling a piece of jewelry so that they aren’t disappointed when the buyer makes an offer.

Have the Jewelry Appraised

If the seller doesn’t know much about jewelry and what it would cost, they should take it to a jeweler to have it appraised. If the seller has an idea of what the piece is worth, they will know if the buyer is offering a good deal. This can prevent the seller from being taken advantage of.

Prepare the Jewelry For the Sale

Jewelry buyers are going to look closely at the condition of the jewelry. If the metal looks dirty or dingy, the seller won’t get full price. If the setting is coming loose and the stones are ready to fall out, it can reduce the amount that the seller would be offered. Before taking the jewelry to the buyer, the seller should have it cleaned and repaired if necessary. The better the piece looks, the more the buyer will be willing to pay.

If a person is planning to make some money by selling old jewelry to jewelry buyers in Chicago, they should follow the tips listed above. These tips will ensure that the seller gets top dollar for the jewelry. For more information, Contact Clark Pawners and Jewelers.

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