The Advantages of Hiring a Firm Like McGlone Law to Negotiate With an Insurance Company

Hiring a firm such as McGlone Law for representation in a personal injury case has certain advantages. Injury lawyers generally do not charge upfront fees but, instead, accept a percentage of the settlement or court award the client receives. Clients have a high level of confidence in these attorneys because the lawyers typically only accept cases they are almost certain they can win. Otherwise, they don’t get paid.

Right from the beginning, a person seeking help from a firm like McGlone Law can have a free consultation to learn whether the case is a solid one. The individual may already have received a settlement offer from an insurer but may feel it’s unreasonably low. A lawyer can confirm whether this person should hold out for substantially more compensation. The lawyer considers prior legal history in this type of case and amounts that insurers usually are expected to pay out.

A standard percentage agreement requires the client to pay the attorney one-third of the compensation, or 33 percent. This may seem high to some people, but they must understand that a lawyer has the expertise to negotiate a much better settlement than the average individual can. For instance, an insurer may offer $5,000 to someone after an accident. The attorney knows that a more reasonable settlement would be $20,000, and negotiates that amount instead. Upon payment from the insurance company, the attorney receives $6,600 and the client receives $13,400. That’s more than twice what the injured person would have been paid by the insurer without professional legal representation.

Although an injured person may have dreams of receiving millions of dollars in a personal injury lawsuit, it’s important to realize those outcomes are relatively rare. They tend to involve very serious injuries that have lifelong negative consequences. Most commonly, settlements are intended to cover all medical bills and future therapy expenses as well as lost wages during time off work. There may be payments intended to compensate the person for emotional suffering, physical pain, and inability to participate in his or her usual activities for any length of time. Please click here to learn about scheduling a free consultation.

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