The Benefits Of Choosing Annealed Stainless Steel

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Metals

There are a lot of decisions to make when selecting the right types of metals, alloys, and processes for any project. One consideration for any project requiring strength as well as low stress cracking rates is the process of annealing. Annealed stainless steel is used for a range of differnet components and parts throughout several different industries.

When selecting annealed stainless steel, which is also going to promote corrosion resistance, working with a company experienced in the process will be essential. This is because the annealing has to occur at very high temperatures that are consistently maintained during the process, and then the parts or components have to be very rapidly cooled. This combination of high heat and rapid cooling prevents the development of carbide precipitation and also to create a bright, scale-free surface.

Increasing Cold Working Ability

While the process that annealed stainless steel goes through creates a more durable steel, it also makes it easier to work. When steel goes through the annealing process and the carbide precipitation is stopped, the steel is actually easier to cold work, which makes it a better product in a wide range of applications.

Surface Brightness

When annealed stainless steel is bright and has a very consistent surface appearance it has typically been processed through what is known as bright annealing. This means that the stainless steel has actually been processed in a specialized furnace and in a specialized process. This furnace contains only specific atmospheres, and this atmosphere is maintained throughout the processing.

In addition, the furnaces are designed to be continuous furnaces, ensuring the temperature for the annealed stainless steel is maintained within a very low variance. The combination of the heat and pure atmosphere creates the highly desirable shiny and bright surface that makes this metal so desirable in a wide range of applications.

Finally, annealed stainless steel is typically recommended for any type of restoration of parts, which is particularly important for older parts where replacements may be difficult or impossible to find. It is also an important consideration for treating new parts and components used under high-stress conditions or in specific corrosive types of environments.

Not all companies are able to offer annealing services for all stainless steel parts, either new fabrications or restoration of existing parts, but there are some services that have the furnaces and the ability to handle any annealed stainless steel requirements you may have.

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