The Benefits Of Using Climate Controlled Storage In Bradenton FL

A storage unit can provide much-needed overflow space for items that a family wants to hang onto to, but doesn’t have the room for in their home. Rather than using a traditional unit, many individuals are choosing to use climate controlled storage in Bradenton FL, as it provides a vast number of benefits and doesn’t typically cost much more than a standard unit. Before a person thinks the additional expense isn’t worth it, they should be sure to understand the many reasons it is a preferred way to store a variety of items.

Pest Control

There is nothing more frustrating than to get an item out of storage, only to realize it has been ravaged by a pest and left damaged beyond repair. A climate controlled unit will help to reduce the occurrence of pests, and ensure that any items stored are free of damage by insects and rodents. This is an especially important aspect for families that are storing antiques or family heirlooms.

Humidity and Moisture

One of the biggest threats to wood furniture is the presence of moisture and humidity, as it can cause the wood to expand and contract and cause damage to the surface of an item. Climate controlled units are a great option, as the HVAC system in the building will help to keep moisture levels lower, which will reduce the chances of any furniture being damaged. Keep any items free of water damage by choosing to keep them stored in a unit that is cooled and heated.

Temperature Changes

Extreme temperature changes can be harmful to a wide array of items, from furniture to electronics. A unit that isn’t climate controlled can quickly climb to over 100 degrees in the summer sun, which can cause items made from plastic to melt and dry out wooden furniture. Climate Controlled Storage in Bradenton FL will prevent significant temperature changes, which will eliminate the damage associated with changing seasons.

Don’t let items in storage become damaged and unusable. Be sure to contact Ready 2 Move Florida and see how their climate controlled units can help keep a family’s belongings safe and sound. Call today to learn more, or stop by and see how easy and affordable renting a storage unit should be.

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