The Benefits of Women’s Health Care

The Benefits of Women’s Health Care

Do you ever worry that you might be taking your health for granted? As a female, it is important that you schedule regular visits to a women’s health care clinic, not just to ensure your health is at its peak but also, to make sure there are no underlying health problems you are not aware of. A gynecologist will have extensive knowledge on women’s health and will encourage females to visit them from the age when puberty kicks in. The reason for this is to evaluate the health of their reproductive organs and to check if bodily functions are working as normal. It’s a good idea to find a gynecologist who you can build a strong, long relationship with, particularly since annual exams are recommended. Read on to learn more about the benefits of visiting these specialists.

Pelvic and Breast Exams

Should you be experiencing discomfort in the pelvic region or notice unusual bleeding, get in contact with women’s health care workers as soon as possible. Upon doing so, an appointment can be arranged and a Pap smear or annual pelvic exam will pick up on any cells that are pre-cancerous or cancerous. Breast exams are just as important as pelvic exams, and the gynecologist will advise you to perform self-screening when you are not at the clinic. In the event that you discover a lump, a mammogram will take place. This special type of X-ray uses digital imaging to detect anything abnormal.

Pregnancy Ultrasounds

No matter how good you feel when you are pregnant, how much energy you have or how big your appetite is, it is absolutely essential that you get pregnancy ultrasounds completed by a professional. Fetus abnormalities can be detected with an ultrasound and something called laparoscopy can be relied on to evaluate the overall condition of the fetus. A modern health care clinic will normally offer 3D and 4D scanning too, which is very exciting if you want to get a peek at your bun in the oven!

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Detection

Have you had unprotected sex lately? If so, don’t be ashamed – it happens a lot. Should you be worried that you might be carrying a sexually transmitted disease (STD) after having sex with a new partner, get checked by a women’s health care professional. This will rule out the possibility of HIV/AIDS and if an infection is present, antibiotics will be administered and you will be required to return for a check-up once the course has been completed.

Ultrasound for Women Penrith is a women’s health care clinic that offers gynecological services and pregnancy services. Call +61 2 4721 2195 to speak to a specialist.

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