The Importance Of Federal Trademark Registration

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Lawyers

Name confusion can be a big problem in business transactions. If you deal with most of your business over the internet then you must make sure to have a trademark on your company name. This will help your clients ensure that they are dealing with you- and the real you. Other companies may try to steal your name if you do not have a trademark, and this will give them the ability to make your profits. You can easily avoid all of these problems by having a lawyer trademark your company name for you. There are plenty of lawyers in the market who have the ability to provide you with a federal trademark.

One lawyer that can provide you with a federal trademark is Edward L White PC Attorney At Law. This law office handles all sorts of legal issues, and Federal Trademark Registration is one of them. Edward L White is located in the state of Oklahoma. They will search for your company name in the federal database that is already established to make sure that you can truly trademark it first.  This is another big problem companies have- they start a business using one name only to find out that another company has a federal trademark on that name already. If your clients are used to one name they may not figure out that you had to change your name, and this could result in a loss of business for you. You don’t want to get sued for using someone else’s company name that they have a trademark on either, so it is always smart to check with a lawyer before you launch your company name.

Federal Trademark Registration can save you a lot of hassle in the future. When you know that you own your company name federally you will have peace of mind should anyone else try to copy your name. You can let them know politely that they are in the wrong – or you can hire a lawyer to sue them for stealing your company name. Keep these tips in mind when you are trying to come up with a name for your business; you always want to protect yourself for the future.


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