The Importance of Tuckpointing for Brick Masonry Restoration Services in Philadelphia PA

The Importance of Tuckpointing for Brick Masonry Restoration Services in Philadelphia PA

Masonry restoration services in Philadelphia, PA are useful for older brick structures that need a facelift. This typically is a building or a wall used as a fence, or a foundation of an old home or barn. Hiring professionals known for excellent work is crucial.

Using mortar that doesn’t blend in well with the historic character of the structure is a relatively common mistake. That might be a color that’s obviously too light and makes the mortar look brand new or the application might make the original small joints become too large.


Removing deteriorated mortar and replacing it with new material is technically known as tuckpointing. Usually, the bricks are still in suitable condition, but the mortar has crumbled and cracked. Pieces of it have come loose and even fallen out.

During masonry restoration services in Philadelphia, PA, not all the mortar is removed, of course, as that would be impossible. The mason takes out a certain amount all along the surface and then adds new mortar for a cosmetic as well as a functional update.

Allowing the mortar to continue deteriorating can eventually lead to much bigger problems. The bricks themselves may develop cracks due to the uneven weight load.
Pieces of brick may start to fall out of the structure. Large cracks on walls can appear as the earth settles beneath the structure and the mortar is unable to fully bear the load.

Product Differences

Knowledgeable masons understand the differences among various kinds of mortar. The type used for new brick structures today is substantially different than that of structures built 100 or more years ago.

Newer materials are much harder and tuckpointing with them can actually cause damage. It’s important to apply the right product, or both function and cosmetic aspects can be seriously compromised.

Concluding Thoughts

Bricks last for centuries, but tuckpointing may need to be completed about every 25 years. Since bricks must have a material between them holding them in place, replacement of crumbling mortar by a company such as Mara Restoration is imperative to maintain the integrity of a building or fence wall. Click here to learn more about this particular organization.

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