Requirements for Medical Colleges in the USA

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Education

Training to be a doctor is a busy time. While you can earn your degree in your home country, going to medical colleges in the USA can provide opportunities you may not otherwise have. If you’ve been considering this option for your degree, you will need to understand the requirements. While some of the requirements vary by school, there are many others that are uniform across the board.

An Undergraduate Degree

Just like American citizens, you need to have earned an undergraduate, or bachelor’s, degree prior to applying for medical colleges in the USA. This can be a difficult aspect of applying to medical college because coursework in other countries doesn’t always translate the same way as American courses. However, having a four-year degree will always be a requirement.

Test Scores

American medical colleges have an entrance examination everyone must pass before being admitted. International students aren’t exempt from this test so it’s important to inquire how to take this test. Once you have passed the test, you will be able to apply to the medical college of your choice.

Personal Qualities

Doctors need to be caring and compassionate, as well as intelligent. This is why many medical colleges in the USA require you to write an essay that discusses your goals and why you are taking the steps you are in life. Letters of recommendation from past teachers and potentially employers can go a long way toward helping you prove to a potential school that you have what it takes to become a doctor.

Before you start applying for medical colleges in the USA, it’s important to understand what requirements each school has. While every school will have similar admissions requirements, there may be additional prerequisites that must be met. Click here for more information on medical colleges.

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