The New Happy Hour

In Chicago catering companies have become more important to firms throughout the city now that lunch time is the new happy hour.  Management now feels that lunch hours are the perfect time for their employees to get to know each other better.  We all know that a kitchen is the heart of a house so it stands to reason that having lunch brought in for their employees will foster both better relationships and team building.  Caterers are becoming an important part of corporate teams.

Getting to Know Each Other

When you have 50 employees there is a good chance that some of them may never even have spoken to each other.  Pick a day, maybe Thursday, and have lunch catered for all of them.  You could have boxed lunches even.  If you can get them all together eating and talking your company will reap the benefits of a cohesive work force.  Again, a catering company to the rescue!

The Domino Effect

Not all of these shindigs start at the management level.  Once the ball gets rolling you may find your employees running with it and meeting for lunch on other days on their own volition.  They might even send out for catered lunches on other days because they have found out how much they enjoy each other’s company.

Food for Thought

Some of the best ideas happen when your staff is relaxed and chatting over a meal.  You just need to provide the protein, the brain food.  Whether it is an off the cuff meeting or a weekly catered luncheon, there are so many varied options in Chicago for catering companies.  One of those is Food for Thought who has been in business in Chicago for over 25 years.  Their menu runs from comfort foods to picnic lunches.

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