The New Styles and Old Traditions of Justin Boots in New Port Richey

Finding a good, sturdy pair of cowboy boots is not always easy to do. There are many different manufacturers, both new and old, that specialize in the craft. However, when you want high quality and many styles, you want to consider the older, more experienced brands. The older companies are more likely to provide you with the best quality in terms of style and durability. Learn more about the success of one brand called Justin boots and why it continues to lead the way for most boot makers.

The History of Justin Boots

In 1879, the boot company started its origins in Texas. H.J. Justin started his own company, and by 1910, the company grew to become one of the best boot manufacture businesses in the world. When H.J Justin died in 1918, his family took over the company and continued to create boots crafted by hand and made with the finest materials. In 2000, Berkshire Hathaway bought the business and continued to invest money in making the highest quality cowboy boots.

The Long-Lasting Quality of the Justin Brand

Cowboy boots are some of the most stylish and comfortable ones on the market. For over 120 years, the brand has continued to make good use of fine, long-lasting materials. Leather is the favorite material for the manufacturers and cowboys in general. The comfort of the Justin style is guaranteed with the custom J-Flex Comfort System. Since its start, the company is always making new boot styles for men and women. Country singers and Western lovers alike are frequent buyers of this boot brand.

The Importance of Maintaining Boots

Owners of cowboy boots are expected to maintain their boots for many years of use. These boots are designed to sustain conditions in the roughest terrains. The main material is leather, which is simple to clean with a few of the right tools. Treat your leather the same way you treat your skin – carefully and using the right cleansers. Justin cowboy boots last long only if you care for them often. As the owner, brush off dirt with a brush and apply a leather conditioner from top to bottom. Then, apply a shoe cream for a long-lasting sheen.

Justin cowboy boots are some of the sturdiest and most attractive boots being sold in the shoe market today. Ever since the days of the Wild West, the H.J. Justin brand has continued to influence plenty of other cowboy boot manufacturers. Fortunately, for this brand, cowboy boots will never fall out style. These are equally as important as sneakers, sandals and all other styles of shoes being promoted nowadays. Today, remember the brand’s focus on old traditions and new, handcrafted styles as you look for Justin boots in New Port Richey.

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