The Nitrogen Beer System: A Solid Investment Not a Fad

The Nitrogen Beer System: A Solid Investment Not a Fad

Brewers spend money in their search to produce the perfect brew. They go further to perfect certain distinct types of brews. They work hard to define their brand and to create new and, hopefully, popular beers. This is one reason why some are turning to a nitrogen beer system. They perceive it as a means to provide the market with another unique type of beer.

What Is Nitrogen Beer?

Nitrogen beer, as the name clearly indicates, is beer that contains the gas nitrogen. It is infused with it in order to produce a beer that tastes substantially different from any of those utilizing carbon dioxide. The introduction of a certain high percentage of nitrogen – although carbon dioxide will also be present, results in a brew that is creamier, smoother, has a nicer head and smaller bubbles.

The Problems with Producing Nitrogen Beer

Carbon dioxide is a natural process of the fermentation process. Nitrogen is not. While brewers do increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the beer, they need to inject all nitrogen into the product. This has to occur before the bottling, canning or casking process.

Injection may not be difficult. A nitrogen beer system can be responsible for this action. However, the need to ensure the nitrogen be presented properly to the public is another matter. It is very important that the added nitrogen be kept at specific levels and not go flat. It needs to be dispersed in a proper manner throughout the beer, particularly when the consumer opens the bottle or can. This can and has created certain problems.

Nitrogen Beer System

Including a nitrogen beer in your line of products can be costly. Until recently, two forms of nitrogen beer systems ensured quality control following production. These were:

* The use of plastic widgets in cans to ensure the release and proper dispersal of the nitrogen
* The employment of special pumps and taps in bars to make certain the nitrogenated brew was poured properly without a loss of nitrogen

Recently, technology is catching up with the process. Newer systems are being created to address the special requirements involved in nitrogenation and its safe delivery. The result will be the ability of companies to produce and sell in cans and bottles nitro beer without widgets and without fear of downgrading the product. All it takes is working with an innovative technology company who knows the requirements of beer production. The result will be a nitrogen beer system that captures the essence of nitro beer, bottles it and sells it to a demanding public.

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