The Role of a Fire Extinguisher in Business Fire Protection in Pettis County

by | Jan 16, 2016 | Fire and Security

The industry of fire safety is a big one. Losses that result from workplace fires equate to almost $3 billion every year and claim over 350 lives. The fact is, there is a long history of business fires, many of which could have been dealt with easily if the proper equipment was on site, such as a fire extinguisher. When it comes to Business Fire Protection in Pettis County, understanding the different types of fire extinguishers will ensure the right option is used if a fire were to occur.

Class A Fire

A Class A, or an ordinary combustible fire, involves a blaze using a fuel such as cloth, rubber, plastic, paper, or wood. The fire extinguisher that is used for this type of fire is noticed due to its green triangle with the letter “A” in the middle. A wood pile is also used for symbolizing a Class “A” fire.

Class B Fire

This type of fire will involve some type of combustible or flammable gas or liquid. This can include any type of alcohol or hydrocarbon-based liquid that will support the combustion. Red squares with a “B” and a picture of fire and fuel are commonly used to indicate a Class “B” fire.

Class C Fires

This is a type of fire that involves some type of electrical equipment. An extinguisher that can be used for fighting this type of fire has a blue circle and a capital “C” as well as a picture of a plug on it.

Class D Fires

These involve some type of combustible metal. Some of these include magnesium, potassium, and titanium. A capital “D” and yellow star indicate the type of fire extinguisher for this type of fire.

Class K Fires

This is a fire that occurs with unsaturated cooking oils or in a well-insulated cooling appliance in a commercial kitchen.

Ensuring Business Fire Protection in Pettis County is important to minimize damage and injuries. Anyone who would likes to learn more can click here for more info. Taking the time to do so will pay off and ensure that proper protection is provided for the issues present.

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