Things to Know about Buying Truck Lift Gates

Things to Know about Buying Truck Lift Gates

Do you own commercial box trucks or flatbeds? Does part of your business include delivering heavy things like appliances to customers with no standard docks? If so, you may want to think about visiting local Maxon liftgate dealers in Fresno CA. A lift gate makes it easier and safer for your delivery people to do their jobs. Before you buy a gate, here are some tips to make the process a little easier.

What Kind of Commercial Vehicles Do You Own?

Maxon liftgate dealers in Fresno CA carry a wide range of products for trucks. It is important to let them know which kind of truck you plan to equip with lift gates. For example, pickup and van lift gates are very different from ones designed for flatbed or cube trucks.

Door Types

What kinds of rear doors do your commercial vehicles have? Doors help to determine which kinds of lift gates you need. Some doors swing out while others simply fold up and out of the way.

Transport Needs

What materials do you normally haul in your trucks? For instance, do your people use dollies to handle appliances? Do you use palletized loads for loading and unloading your trucks? If so, you may need extra lifting power. Loads also affect the size of the liftgate you need.


It is important to let Maxon liftgate dealers in Fresno CA know how far your loads need to lift and this is determined by the height of your truck beds. Some lift gates have greater lifting capacity than others and can raise and lower loads farther.

Choose the Right Dealer

When you visit a lift gate supplier make sure they can provide professional installations and do warranty work when needed. Go with an experienced company offering friendly and helpful customer service. This gives you the most value for your money.

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