Three Cornerstones of Child Support Law in Allentown PA

Three Cornerstones of Child Support Law in Allentown PA

Going through a divorce is rarely pleasant, although some work out more smoothly than others. The long-lasting consequences that stem from even a relatively amicable divorce can end up being difficult to grapple with in the future.

In many cases, having a better idea as to the underlying issues and governing legal principles will make things significantly easier. Understanding the basics regarding Child Support Law in Allentown PA, for instance, can be helpful both for parents who are granted custody and those who are not.

Relatively Simple Ways of Establishing and Modifying Child Support Obligations

When one parent is granted sole custody of a child or children after a divorce, the other will often be required to pitch in financially. After all, forcing a single parent to not only provide most or all personal care for children but also every bit of required financial support would hardly be fair or productive.

Courts are tasked with mandating how much the parent who lacks custody must pay, but they have some fairly specific guidelines to rely upon. Matters of Child Support Law in Allentown PA typically include some amount of consideration of matters including:

  • Income – It would almost never be sensible to require a parent to pay more in monthly child support than will be available in the form of income. In fact, courts are not normally directed to take savings and assets into account when working through the relevant calculations. As a result, the current income of the parent tasked with providing support will be used to establish something of a starting point in just about every case.
  • Expenses – Naturally enough, courts also account for the recurring costs that a support-paying parent will be faced with. In most cases, some fairly standardized figures will be used to ensure that things do not become overly complicated.
  • Adjustments – Child support arrangements are never set in stone, and it will often be entirely reasonable for one parent or the other to request a reassessment as the situation changes in the future.

Attorneys Can Provide Valuable Help

Contact us, and it will be seen that lawyers are always ready to help their clients arrive at more suitable child support arrangements. Getting in touch with an attorney can easily lead to positive progress whose effects will be felt for a long time to come.

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