Three Kinds of Garage Door Insulation

Three Kinds of Garage Door Insulation

The garage door that you choose is a very important decision. You want to consider factors such as security, intended use and budget when you make your selection. In addition to choosing the right garage door, you should consider what kind of insulation you want, too. There are three primary types, and they each offer their own different benefits. Choosing the right one will help protect garage doors in Titusville, FL from common causes of damage.

Reflective Foil

This type of insulation is typically sold on rolls. Many homeowners opt for it because of its overall effectiveness. It provides superior insulation because of its three layers. Two layers of aluminum foil surround a thick layer of polyethylene foam, and the result is an incredibly effective material for insulating garage doors in Titusville, FL. Despite these benefits, some homeowners object to its unappealing visuals and seek other more attractive insulation options.

Panel Kits

Panel kits are quite easy to install because of their pre-fabricated panels. A kit will include eight of them to fit into the channels of garage doors in Titusville, FL. You will typically be able to select either polystyrene or fiberglass for your kit, and the former tends to offer more robust insulation. Both, however, offer a clean look and easy installation, which makes panel kits an attractive option for many homeowners.

Polystyrene Foam

Polystyrene is usually sold in large sheets that can be cut down to whatever size your garage door requires. It generally insulates better than reflective foil, so it is favored for that reason, but its rigidity can make it difficult to work with. Homeowners who are up to the challenge can enjoy its effective insulation as well as the inoffensive look it creates. If your garage is a unique size, it also allows you to cut custom panels to fit the dimensions you need. Visit the website for more information.

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