Three Types of Cracks that Can Occur in a Car Windshield in Maryland

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Glass Repair

Many drivers have had the unfortunate experience of finding a crack in their car windshield. Windshield cracks are usually not the fault of the driver. Rather, they are caused by objects hitting the windshield and the elements. Depending on the type and severity of the crack, the windshield may be able to be repaired or may need to be replaced. Three types of cracks that can occur in a Car Windshield in Maryland are stress breaks, stone breaks, and chip damage.

Stress Breaks

One type of crack that can occur in a car windshield is the stress break. A stress break is not caused by any object hitting the windshield. Instead, it is caused by extreme temperature variations. For example, a windshield which has been overheated by the sun and is then subjected to the cold temperature of an air conditioner or water may begin to form a straight line crack at its edge. This type of crack can sometimes be repaired but often requires full windshield replacement.

Stone Breaks

Stone breaks are another type of crack that can occur in a car windshield. A stone break is caused by an object hitting the windshield. Most often a small stone is the culprit for this type of crack, but other hard items can cause stone breaks as well. Stone breaks can result in a variety of different patterns and sizes of cracks, many of which can be repaired and some of which require replacement.

Chip Damage

The third type of crack that can occur in a car windshield is chip damage. Sometimes a small stone or other hard item makes impact with a windshield and causes a bit of glass to come off. This is known as chip damage. Chip damage can occur in several different shapes and sizes. If caught before the crack spreads, it can usually be repaired.

Beltway Auto & Plate Glass can repair or replace a Car Windshield in Maryland. When a car’s windshield has a stress break, a stone break, or chip damage, Beltway Auto & Plate Glass can help. Car windshield repair and replacement are available, along with repair and replacement of commercial glass and residential glass. The company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and the expert technicians have been serving the area for 40 years.

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