Tire Tips for Beginners: When and How to Find Tires For Sale in Wichita, KS

Tires are probably the most important feature on any vehicle. They provide safety, improve the quality of the ride and even affect fuel efficiency. People who have never purchased tires before may find the choices overwhelming. There are numerous brands and styles to choose from. Here are some easy ways to shop for tires for sale in Wichita KS.

Finding the Size

The size of each tire is printed on the exterior sidewall of the tire itself. If this is hard to read, or the driver is unsure about whether or not the correct tires were previously installed, it is also listed on the driver’s door. With the door open, the sticker will be visible on the interior by the hinges. Should this fail, the information can also be found in the owner’s manual.

Deciding on the Type

Tires For Sale in Wichita KS are available in all-weather models, winter tires, and performance and traction tires as well as a few others. Most vehicles are able to use all-weather tires all year without any concern. Those who spend a lot of time on icy roads may wish to purchase winter tires for additional safety. These are often more expensive, so many vehicle owners will use all-weather tires the remainder of the year. Traction models are commonly purchased for trucks and SUVs, particularly those that are used off-road or in hazardous driving conditions.

When to Purchase

Experts recommend tires be replaced if any irregular wear is visible or when the tread is at 4/32″ or less. Any cracks in the tire, even if the tread is good and the tire is holding air, should be considered a sign of needing new tires. This is known as dry rot, or sidewall cracking, and it could lead to tire failure quickly. It is most common in vehicles that are not driven many miles and are always parked outside where the UV rays of the sun can cause the material to dry out.

Safe, reliable tires are too important to put off. Plenty of assistance is available to help automobile owners make the right choice. Visit the website of Shamrock Tire to learn more about tires and tire supplies or to make an appointment to get new tires installed on any vehicle.

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