Needing Septic Tank Service In Quakertown, PA

Needing Septic Tank Service In Quakertown, PA

Owning a septic tank is like having your own sewage system. There are a few things homeowners should be aware of to extend its life. First and foremost, one needs to know how the system operates. There are two parts to the system, the tank and the leach field. Sewage goes into the tank through a series of pipes leading from the house. The heavy waste settles on the bottom, and lighter water goes to the top. Microorganisms in the tank use oxygen to break down solid waste. The solids that are left over are usually pumped out every two years. The lighter water leaves the tank and heads to the leach field.

Waste waste water gets treated again in the leach field and is absorbed back into the ground. If your system does not work this way, call a Septic tank service in Quakertown PA. Visit and Get additional info here. Experts recommend washing a few loads of clothes through the week, rather than having a wash day. Likewise, the dishwasher should not be used frequently. If large amounts of water get into the septic tank, waste is flushed out before it can be broken down. This can create a health hazard.

Also, homeowners should use liquid detergents for dishes and clothes. Avoid phosphates because they enable algae growth. If algae grow in the system, it can block the pipes. Further, garbage disposals should not be used with a septic tank. A septic tank cannot break down large pieces of food. Likewise, it does not break down liquids that harden like milk and grease. Septic tank service in Quakertown PA can be costly if the rules are not followed. Some people throw away anything in the toilet. Non-biodegradable items like diapers and cigarettes go directly into the septic tank and just sit there. This causes the tank to fill up quicker. In addition, there are some things outside to avoid. Never plant trees or shrubs near the leach field. The roots can grow directly into a pipe. Leach field blockages are expensive and create problems for everyone. Indeed, waste can get into the groundwater, creating a serious bio-hazard. Septic tank maintenance protects you and the neighborhood.

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