Top 5 Deck Repair Tips

Is your deck aging, wearing out, or in desperate need of repair? Investing in deck companies can add a professional touch to the entire maintenance process. However, there are a few deck repair tips that you can keep in mind on your own while searching for certified professional engineers to get the job done right.

Check out these top 5 repair tips from the professionals and Denver Deck Builders. Many of our deck engineers understand how tough it can be to deal with the exterior parts of the home, especially during drastic weather conditions. But hopefully these 5 pieces of advice will help you get a better handle on how to best repair your deck.

1. Sweep the Surface

This may seem to go without saying, but the key to good deck repair is ridding the area of all of the built-up dust and debris. It can sometimes be hard to clean between the cracks in the wood, but sweeping the surface is a great start. You can prevent water from getting trapped under the floorboards.

2. Check the Rails

If your deck has rails, this is an important step towards getting it fixed as well. Your local composite deck builders will definitely suggest that you give your handrails a thorough inspection and clean them of all debris so they don’t wear out.

3. Use Light Cleaning Chemicals

If sweeping doesn’t get rid of enough of the debris, it’s time to turn to cleaning chemicals. However, it’s integral that you contact one of your local deck companies to see what cleaning chemicals the manufacturer recommends. Not all are safe for your wooden surface!

4. Check the Connection to the House

The deck-to-house connection is absolutely essential for the health of your deck. See if any screws have loosened or if there are any rusty bolts. If there are, you should get in touch with a professional engineer right away to get that fixed.

5. Tighten the Fasteners

Sometimes, your deck just needs a little bit of adjustment and tightening up. You can tighten the fasteners that connect the deck to the house and hammer down some of the popped up nails with a hammer. If there is no serious damage or cause for concern, it just means your deck needs a cosmetic update.

Contact Denver Deck Builders for a Great Deck Repair

Our composite deck builders are certified professional engineers that can help you with any repair job, no matter how big or small. We are available by phone 24/7 and will return calls within 24 hours. You can trust us for a job well done!

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