Why Negotiation for Sales Professionals Should be Part of Training

Why Negotiation for Sales Professionals Should be Part of Training

Most training sessions for salespeople involves learning about the product, learning basic customer service skills, and how to talk on the phone. While these are paramount, it’s not enough to become a professional salesperson. Negotiation for sales professionals doesn’t come naturally for most, so it makes sense that you teach them how to negotiate.

Real-World Scenarios and Experience

Negotiating with others requires skills. The salespeople must have the right knowledge and know how to apply it and when. Therefore, you should focus on real-world situations that your employees are likely to find while on the floor. Replicate them and have role-playing games to help them go through the process of negotiating. They should be allowed to follow a preferred path and make all the decisions to see how it plays out.

Customer’s Perspective

Most salespeople don’t think about the person on the other side of the phone. They are so focused on going through each step of the selling process that they forget they are talking to a human. During the initial beat-around-the-bush part of the call, help your employees create a backstory about the customer. Are they looking for the perfect product to make their life easier? Do they need the right gift for a loved one? Do they need help managing their funds? Allow sales reps to dig a little deeper on a personal level (without being pushy or rude), so they can determine what the customer needs or wants from that product or service.

Know What it Means

When most people think about negotiating, they think of a car dealership where you try to get the price lowered. While that is a good scenario, negotiation for sales professionals is different. It’s more about starting with one strategy and moving on to others when they don’t work out, trying to find the one that the customer is most interested in.

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