Top Reasons For Hiring Manhattan Income Tax Preparation Services

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Accounting

As tax time rolls around every year, many people invest in the latest Turbo Tax software in order to fill out their income tax returns. For some people, this is a good idea. Individuals who have no dependents, who have a single modest income from a job, who have no investments, own no property or businesses and make no or minimal charitable contributions can use the free version of Turbo Tax or similar software, or even fill out the paperwork by hand. If they have the time and patience to go through it and feel confident that they’re reporting accurately, they will save money by doing it on their own. However, most people who have more complex financial situations benefit significantly from hiring professional Manhattan Income Tax preparation services.

For one thing, making a mistake on your tax return can cost a lot of money and hassle. The IRS charges hefty fines for failing to pay taxes and can even garnish a person’s wages or place a lien on a property. Hiring a professional can significantly increase the probability your taxes will be filed correctly.

Tax codes are updated yearly, and tax professionals are required to stay up-to-date through regular training. Regular taxpayers can easily get tripped up by new requirements or unfamiliar terms in the tax codes. The Affordable Health Care Act, for example, added new questions to the income tax return. Rules regarding taxation on dividends or property investments are constantly changing as well.

Anyone who works as a private contractor rather than an employee of a company has a much more complicated tax situation than others and should strongly consider hiring a Manhattan Income Tax preparation service like While employers deduct federal and state taxes along with social security and Medicare from an employee’s check, a self-employed worker has to pay those taxes him or herself.

Finally, one of the best reasons to have your taxes done professionally is that professionals know how to save you money. Their knowledge of the tax code helps them find deductions that you may not be aware of, and they can also help you by giving you information about tax-deferred or tax-sheltered savings or investment plans.

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