Trying to Lose Weight? Be Successful with the Right Program

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Health

When a person is trying to lose weight, it can be a challenging task to find the right diet that works for them. Each person’s body is different and unique to them, while one program may work for one individual to help shed the extra pounds, another person may struggle to lose even just a few pounds using the same program.

This is why we established the New Direction diet program at Infuzio. For a person to reduce their weight and remain healthy, they need a certified nutritionist to help them discover their specific needs and obtain their personal goals. With our sophisticated New Direction weight loss program, the diet is tailored to meet everyone’s specific lifestyle and body to help them successfully lose weight.

Four Phases of the New Direction Diet

1. Each person is screened by a team of professionals to determine their health needs. This is accomplished through laboratory testing, a psychological screening, and an assessment that is completed in-person.

2. After all vital information is gathered in the screening, a nutritionist will help develop a meal plan designed for the person’s individual body and lifestyle. They can lose weight safely and quickly with the right calorie intake recommended for that individual.

3. Weekly meetings are set up with medical professionals to monitor the changes with their clients’ body and to teach them how to replace each meal with healthy eating options to manage their weight.

4. Once the right diet has been started and the client is losing weight, they will learn how to continue the program while adjusting their lifestyle, meal plans, and calorie intake to confirm they will remain healthy and maintain their weight loss goal.

Obtain a New and Healthier You with The New Direction Diet

Why should you continue to struggle with losing weight when there is a solution available? Infuzio offers a team of experts that have the experience required to find the right weight loss regiment for each client’s specific needs. The New Direction Diet program at Infuzio uses the most safe diet practices in the industry having a board certified physician on site.

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