Understanding The Usage Of Home Heating Oil In Norwich, CT

More than eight million Americans use heating oil to warm their homes. And, this fuel is more commonly used in rural areas and the northeast. The petroleum derivative is brought in by a truck and pumped into an underground tank. However, some residents have above-ground tanks. Heating oil costs more in the winter because there is greater demand. Therefore, people often have their tanks filled during the summer months. Many oil companies have started year-around programs that divide the oil cost over 12 months.

If you use Home Heating Oil in Norwich CT, there are a few tips to keep the home safe. First, tank maintenance is very important. Therefore, no flammable products should be used near the tank. Likewise, do not let children play in the area. During the winter, keep ice and snow from building up on or around the tank. Additionally, make sure the tank vent is not clogged with snow or any trash. The biggest problem one can have is a tank leak. A leak can lead to groundwater contamination and other environmental problems. An under-performing furnace can be a sign of a leak. Likewise, another sign is an unexpected bill increase. Visit an oil company’s website and you can try here to get more information. The company will be glad to inspect the tank for you.

Home Heating Oil in Norwich CT should never be mixed with diesel fuel or gasoline. This creates extremely hazardous conditions. Along the same lines, keep oil and other fuels in containers designed for the job. For instance, it is very dangerous to store oil in milk jugs. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should go up inside the home. Next, pay attention if you can smell oil in the house. This is a signal that the oil burner could be cracked or otherwise damaged. You will need to call an oil company to check if repairs are needed. Fortunately, heating oil does not cause many fires. In fact, heating oil will not explode. This fuel has to get very hot and vaporize before it starts a fire. That is one of many reasons why oil is a safe and economical fuel to heat the home.

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