Using Automatic Trailer Jacks In North Dakota And Other Tips For Camping In A Camping Trailer

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Vehicles

Going camping in a trailer or an RV is a great way to spend time in nature without giving up all the conveniences of home. Since a trailer is a house on wheels, albeit a small one, you can have a comfortable bed to sleep in every night without paying exorbitant motel prices or having to worry about bedbugs. But camping, even with a trailer, requires a little more effort than checking into a motel. The following are some tips from experienced campers for getting your trailer properly set up at the campsite.

Tip #1: Carry boards with you. When you first drive into the campsite, use a level on the floor to see where the trailer is uneven and place the boards under the wheels as needed. This is a simple fix; using four corner jacks is a more precise, if more expensive, method of leveling your trailer.

Tip #2: Put chocks behind and in front of each of the trailer’s wheels before you disconnect the trailer from the hitch. Chocks are wedges that can keep the wheels from rolling and keep you safe if you’re parked on even a slight incline.

Tip #3: Invest in an automatic trailer jack. You need a jack to raise or lower the trailer to the proper height when you connect it to or disconnect it from the vehicle’s hitch; Trailer Jacks in North Dakota also help keep the trailer stable when it is standing alone. A manual jack will also do the job, but it takes a lot of time and effort to crank it into position.

Tip #4: Turn off the circuit breaker before you connect the power and check the drinking water and waste water hoses for leaks when you connect them. Turn the circuit breaker back on and make sure each appliance is working.

Tip #5: Use a clear sewer hose adapter. After flushing out your tanks, you’ll be able to see if the water runs out clean before refilling them.

A camping trailer can last for many miles and many years as long as you take care of it with regular maintenance and repairs as needed. For more information about Trailer Jacks in North Dakota and other trailer components, visit

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