Using Paving Repair in Somerville NJ To Fix A Parking Lot

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

When someone owns a business that has a parking lot area for their customers, they will want to take the proper steps in doing paving repair in Somerville NJ when portions are damaged. This will keep customers from being injured and will improve the overall look of the parking lot as a result. Here are the steps the service would take to improve the parking area.

First, the business owner can do an evaluation of the area to find all the areas in need of repair. They can use crushed gravel to fill in any voids in the lot and then cover them with an asphalt rubber sealant. The sealant can be spread over the crevice with a plastic putty knife. It would harden over the gravel, making the lot able to be used without worry. This is a quick repair that can be done to patch small areas in the lot.

If there are spots with more extensive damage, a call to a paving company would need to be done to ensure the work is done properly. The company would pour new asphalt over deteriorated portions of the lot. They would then use the appropriate tools to spread it over the surface so it is uniform with the existing asphalt.

When the asphalt hardens, the service would be able to add a layer of seal coating over the lot. This is applied with a brush and squeegee. This would give the parking area dark appearance that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Afterwards, they could add some painted guidelines so customers would be able to utilize them to get around the lot with ease. They would add parking spots to the asphalt so customers would have ample room to place their vehicles without being too close to others.

If someone wishes to improve the look of their parking area, or if they have areas of damage they need to have repaired, a call to a company doing paving repair in Somerville NJ is best. Take a look at  to see the services they offer and make an appointment for an evaluation.

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