Using Pest Control In Columbia MD To Remove Mice From The Home

Using Pest Control In Columbia MD To Remove Mice From The Home

If a home has mice inside, the homeowner will most likely want to take steps in having them removed. Mice carry disease and bacteria, making them a danger to those in the household if steps are not taken to have them eradicated. Many people will call in a service that does Pest Control in Columbia MD to help in the removal of these pests.

When there are only a few mice, steps can be taken to try to remove them by the homeowner. There are a variety of trapping methods available on the market that can be tried. Glue traps, bait traps, snapping traps, and even humane traps can be tried to remove mice. The traps should be placed next to a wall or under a piece of furniture so mice will not be out in the open as they try to eat whatever type of food is placed on the trap to lure them over to take a look. The traps should be checked daily so caught mice can be removed.

To keep mice from returning, the home should be completely cleaned. All leftovers should be placed in a sealed container and stored in the refrigerator. The countertops should be cleaned after meal preparation. Vacuuming should be done to remove any crumbs that mice would try to eat.

Check the exterior of the home for areas where mice can get inside. Use caulk to seal any cracks. If there is a hole in the exterior of the home, a piece of steel wool can be placed inside before covering it with a piece of flashing. Seal cracks around windows and uses door sweeps on the bottoms of doors to keep mice on the outside of the home. Move woodpiles away from the home and cover any water sources, such as fountains or bird baths, at night so mice don’t have a water source nearby.

If someone needs more information about Pest Control in Columbia MD, they can call a reputable service to ask questions. A service like Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. can come to the home to evaluate the severity of the problem and take action if necessary.

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