Vital Steps to Take If You Suspect You Need Cracked Pipes Repair in Your Fayetteville Home

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Plumbing

Plumbing problems cannot be allowed to wait. There is simply too much damage that could ensue if you put off repair work. However, these problems can also be difficult to spot and you may need to make a decision based on a hunch or suspicion. In addition to being vigilant for signs that might indicate a pipe leak, you also need to know the steps to take if you suspect that you need cracked pipes to repair in your Fayetteville home.

Located the Source

The first thing to do is to attempt to locate the leaking pipe. This can be easier said than done, particularly if your piping is under the home. If you have pipes in the ceiling, then you can simply grab a flashlight, get into the attic, and look for the water stains or dampness. If your pipes are in the floor you’ll need to find a way to get under the home and check for leaks. Water leaks within walls will usually show up at the juncture between wall and floor, unless there is enough of a leak to run down the interior wall from higher up.

Determine If You Can Fix It

Once you have found the leak, you need to determine if you have the knowledge, tools, and supplies required to fix the problem. Most homeowners today do not have the knowledge required to repair a leaking pipe, and some repairs should never be handled by anyone other than a licensed plumber in the first place. If you cannot repair the problem, you’ll need to move to the next step.

Turn the Water Off If Necessary

You cannot allow the water to continue to leak. Even a relatively minor leak can wreak serious damage to your home’s sheetrock, and moisture in the attic, crawlspace, or behind walls will encourage mold and mildew growth. So, you need to turn the water off to stop the leak. In some instances, this might be as simple as cutting the water to an appliance or fixture. In others, it might require that you turn the water off to your entire home.

Call a Plumbing Professional

The final step here is to call a professional plumber to handle your cracked pipes repair in Fayetteville.

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