Establishing Paternity with the Help of a Family Lawyer in Green Bay, WI

Establishing Paternity with the Help of a Family Lawyer in Green Bay, WI

Wouldn’t it be nice if every father stepped up and claimed their child? Sadly, this is not the way the world works. Some men deny a child because they wish to avoid making support payments. Others, however, do so because they doubt the child is theirs. Regardless of why paternity needs to be established, a Family Lawyer in Green Bay WI can be of help.

Voluntary Acknowledgement

If both parents agree a specific male is the father of a child, a form known as the Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment form may be filed with the court. This should be done as soon as possible after a child is born to protect the rights of both parents. However, this step should not be taken if there is any question about paternity. Any paternity issues need to be resolved first.

Court Involvement

There are times when the court needs to become involved in a paternity case. If the mother states a man is not the father and he believes he is, a court hearing will be set up. The same is true if the mother has named a father and the man denies paternity. Both parties in the suit are notified of this hearing and should be present to protect their rights. Genetic testing may be ordered at this time to determine the father of the child named in the suit. In the event a man does not show up, the court could make a default ruling naming him the father, thus it is imperative a man attend.

Marital Acknowledgement

There are times when a couple chooses not to marry until after their child arrives. If this describes your situation, establishing paternity requires nothing more than filing the Acknowledgment of Marital Child form. This form may be obtained through the Vital Records Office or child support office.

Contact a Family Lawyer in Green Bay WI if you have any doubts about how to proceed in establishing paternity of a child. Brabazon Law Office LLC works with individuals in this situation regularly and may be of help to you at this time. Visit website to learn more about this firm and the services they offer, and contact them for an appointment. They’ll be happy to meet with you and help you determine how to proceed.

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