What Agencies Regulate Work Injury Law In Glendale, AZ?

In Arizona, worker’s compensation laws are enforced by specialized government agencies. These agencies accept, transfer, and reassess work-related injuries. They prevent major issues that stop access to medical treatment and compensation for affected workers. Attorneys help workers based on Work Injury Law in Glendale AZ and regulations enforces by the following agencies.

What is the Industrial Commission?

The Industrial Commission is the federal agency that regulates worker’s compensation insurance claims in Arizona. The agency enforces the no-fault system that encompasses all injuries that occurred in the workplace. Under this system, workers cannot be denied medical coverage or payment for any injuries that occurred while they were performing work duties. The system offers temporary compensation for eligible injuries and job retraining when disabilities are produced.

What Does the Claim’s Division Do?

The Claim’s Division of the Industrial Commission regulates companies that manage worker’s compensation claims. They monitor insurance companies and any self-insured company that makes determinations about the claims. The division follows measures to enable workers to receive benefits based on their entitlement under the respective insurance policy. This section of the agency receives these claims from the workers or their physician. Next, they provide notifications to the insurance companies about the validity of these claims.

What Does the Administrative Law Judge Division Do?

The Administrative Law Judge Division of the Industrial Commission manages all legal disputes for these cases. These disputes apply to reopening claims, ongoing compensation, loss of earning capacity, and supplemental medical care. All disputes that require a hearing are transferred to the Hearing Division of this agency. Through the agency, claimants can transfer their benefits to another state, change doctors, request benefits for dependents, and adjust compensation levels.

In Arizona, worker’s compensation is provided through a no-fault system. The system is regulated by the Industrial Commission of Arizona. The government agency paves the way for injured workers who need to file claims for benefits and medical treatment. It has two separate divisions that manage claims and legal disputes emerging under applicable circumstances. These divisions notify insurers about work-related injuries that are eligible for compensation. Workers who need help under Work Injury Law in Glendale AZ contact Garrison Law Firm today.

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