What Are The Advantages Of Commercial Real Estate Representation In Nassau County, NY?

by | May 13, 2016 | Lawyers

In New York, business owners need legal help with the acquisition of permanent location. These real estate transactions require a more advance understanding these proceedings. This understanding helps business owners avoid unfortunate circumstances. Commercial Real Estate Representation Nassau County NY provides business owners with the help they need.

Acquiring An Accurate Appraisal

Real estate agents may possess a license to perform property appraisals. However, the agent that listed or sells the property should never provide this service. This action could lead to unethical actions use to increase the agent’s commission. A real estate attorney helps the business owner acquire a more accurate appraisal from a licensed provider.

Reviewing Zoning Issues That May Arise

A real property must be zoned for commercial purposes if a company wants to use it for their location. The real estate agent must disclose zoning information for this reason. However, if the county allows the rezoning of the property, the agent can sell it as a commercial property.

Commercial Real Estate Representation Nassau County NY evaluates zoning laws and advises the buyer about these matters. Click here for more details.

Negotiating a Better Offer and Contract Terms

The attorney evaluates the appraisal and the property inspection. They can negotiate with the seller and the real estate agent on behalf of the buyer. This could help the buyer acquire a more reasonable price and terms for the sales contract. They could include requiring the seller to perform vital repairs and pay the closing costs.

Preparing for the Closing

During the closing, the buyer’s lender transfers funds to the seller. The attorney can evaluate these actions to ensure that they follow regulations. Equally, the attorney can evaluate the closing documents to determine if there are any unknown changes. The attorney secures the business owner’s interests throughout this entire process.

In New York, business owners hire a real estate attorney to help them with real estate transactions. These attorneys prevent business owners from entering into contracts that are fraudulent. They also ensure that the business owner acquires a fair and reasonable deal for the property. Business owners who need Commercial Real Estate Representation Nassau County NY should contact The Law Offices of Peter Morra for more information now.

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