When There’s Need For A Jewelry Repair Shop in Auburn MA

The string on a valuable pearl necklace has snapped. That antique watch of grandfather’s won’t wind up anymore. The anniversary gold necklace mother wore has become badly tarnished while sitting in a drawer for twenty years. There are a variety of damages and defects that can happen to any piece of fine jewelry which needs fixing.

A good Jewelry Repair Shop in Auburn MA, often a component service of a retailer, has on hand a full staff of veteran professional jewelers and goldsmiths who can take care of any repair or recondition needed, regardless of the scale of the problem. That antique watch likely needs a new mainspring. Watch repair has been one of the primary services offered by any jeweler stretching back generations. Whether an old analog winding watch or a contemporary quartz electronic watch, a good jeweler can have that prize personal timepiece running like new with no problem.

Using precision tools and a good eye, a jeweler’s skill at making the tiniest repairs is the expression of years of honing his or her practice. If a diamond setting is missing a stone, they know how to make the right match to where the replacement is indistinguishable from the originals in size, cut, and color. A chain with a broken link can be soldered back together, buffed and polished, so that the repair is invisible to the casual eye. And a ring is resizing, cleaning, or tarnish removal is a standard job that can be handled usually in the space of an hour.

Many outlets offer while-you-wait service while a more detailed repair can be carried out within a maximum five business days. The work is inspected for quality before being returned to the customer to ensure full satisfaction. And repairs come guaranteed by one-year warranties, so any further defects which somehow slipped by the inspection process will be taken care of without charge.

Any first-class professional Jewelry Repair Shop in Auburn MA places good relations with its clientele before profit. For Cormier Jewelers and other retail and repair outlets, however, quality service and first class customer relations are points of pride.

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