What are the Advntages of Installing Brick Veneer in Smithtown, NY?

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

The home’s exterior could use some work, but the homeowner is not sure what sort of change would work best. A friend suggests looking into the possibility of installing brick veneer in Smithtown NY. That suggestion happens to be a good one that is worthy of consideration. Here are some of the advantages that the homeowner will enjoy as a result of using this type of material for the home facade.
Insulating the Home

With the use of Brick Veneer in Smithtown NY it is possible to make it easier to heat and cool the house. This is because the veneer is likely to come in panels. Before those panels are applied to the exterior, the contractor will attach a thin layer of insulation to the existing exterior. This helps to cover any tiny cracks that allow air to seep into the home. As a result, the cost of heating and cooling the home each month will be lower.

Reducing Noise

Another reason to consider brick veneer is how it helps to muffle noise. This is especially helpful for homeowners who live on busy streets. The peace and quiet that reigns in the home will make the cost of the veneer worth every penny.

Less Stress on the House Frame

Veneer is lighter than using full bricks. While brick facades are built so that they do not place a lot of stress on home frames, the veneer will certainly place even less stress. That will help to reduce the potential for frame repairs in the years to come.

The Cost

There is no doubt that veneer is less expensive than full bricks. For homeowners who have to be mindful of the cost, this is important. Keep in mind that going with veneer is not a compromise on quality. The product will last for decades, making the veneer worth every penny.

For anyone who would like to learn more about brick veneer, contact Libardi Island Landscaping Corp. today and arrange to speak with a professional. After taking a look at the house, it will be easy to discuss different options and decide what is best. Once the work is authorized, the professional will ensure the veneer is installed quickly and efficiently.

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