Warning Signs You Need Auto Air Conditioner Repair in Federal Way, WA

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Autos Repair

The air conditioner in a car can provide a welcome relief from the hot temperatures of summer. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems in cars can begin to breakdown and cool less efficiently than before. It is important that owners are proactive and know the warning signs to look for when their car needs Auto Air Conditioner Repair in Federal Way WA. With prompt repairs, a car can stay cool and comfortable even when the temperatures outside are anything but.

* Experts recommend car owners have their refrigerant levels checked once a year to make sure they are not losing refrigerant. Refrigerant levels in a car can go down about 13% each year of driving. If the levels are lower than they should be, the air coming from the system will not be as cool.

* If mold and mildew are growing in the system, it needs to be checked. Mold and mildew can grow when a system has not been used during the fall and winter months. This issue can reduce the air quality of the car and can also clog the system and cause it to break down.

* If a car owner notices low air pressure coming from the vents, clogged or dirty filters could be to blame. If this problem is noticed, prompt repairs need to be carried out so the system can resume normal operation.

* If lukewarm air is coming out of the vents, this could mean the fan is not functioning properly. If the fan is not working, the air inside the car will never cool off, no matter how much the system is run.

* Pressure issues can cause a lack of air volume in the car. This problem can sometimes be caused by a leak in the air hoses of the system. The sooner these issues are repaired, the sooner the car’s AC system can operate properly.

If you are in need of Auto Air Conditioner Repair in Federal Way WA, browse this site right away. With prompt repairs, car owners can avoid issues in operation and can prevent further expenses in repairs. Call a technician today to schedule your service appointment so your system can be properly repaired.

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