What Can A DUI Defense Attorney Do?

Most people know they need to hire an attorney as soon as possible after they’re arrested; however, they may not know what the attorney can do for them. After all, if they did have a couple of drinks, they might have thought they were okay to drive but discovered they were wrong after a BAC (blood alcohol content) test said they were actually over the limit. In these cases, there is quite a bit a DUI defense attorney can do to help them.

A DUI attorney is going to be able to look through all of the facts of the case to make sure everything was done properly and the person’s rights were upheld. This means they’re going to look into the actual arrest of the person starting from why they were pulled over and going to the actual arrest. In some cases, the person could have been arrested after a faulty BAC test because the machine wasn’t properly calibrated or was not working correctly. In others, the officer might not have had probable cause to arrest the person, and the evidence from the stop onward might be inadmissible because of this.

When any of these apply, the attorney can ask the judge to suppress the evidence, meaning that it cannot be used against the person and, if the case goes to trial, it will not be allowed to be discussed or viewed during the trial. Without this evidence, there might not be enough evidence to convict the person. When the prosecution doesn’t have enough evidence to secure a conviction, they’ll often agree to drop the charges. In some cases, the judge might go ahead and dismiss the charges based on a lack of evidence.

Even if a person did have a few drinks, it doesn’t mean they were actually over the legal limit. There’s quite a bit a DUI defense attorney can do to prove this, but the person needs to take the first step and hire a lawyer. They can do this today or get more information by visiting Mayslandinglawyer.com now. If you’ve been arrested, talk to a lawyer today to see how they can help you. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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