What Do Features Make for the Best Bridal Shower Venue in New Lenox, IL?

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Weddings

While much of the wedding planning is focused on the ceremony and the reception, there are other events to consider. For example, what sort of space is needed for the bridal shower? Here are some of the attributes that the ideal Bridal Shower Venue in New Lenox IL will provide.

Lots of Room

The right Bridal Shower Venue in New Lenox IL, will have plenty of room for all the guests to be comfortable. Remember that, along with ample seating; there needs to be space set aside for the gifts, the food, and plenty of room for people to walk around with ease. Consider the number of people who are invited to attend, think about how much space the buffet will take up, and remember to have a spot for gifts to be placed once they are opened. Whatever square footage comes to mind, add another ten percent to be on the safe side.

The View

While the focus is on what is happening at the event, having a nice view as a backdrop never hurts. When possible, select a venue that comes with a picture window overlooking carefully manicured grounds. Along with allowing plenty of natural light into space, the view will make the ambiance all the more charming.

Plenty of Parking Space

Not all the considerations have to do with the room itself. Make sure the venue chosen has ample parking space for the guests. The last thing that the hostess wants is for anyone having to circle the block several times before finding a space, then having to walk a longer distance just to attend the shower. In the best case scenario, the parking will near the entrance, making it easy to park, grab the gift, and come inside.

For anyone who needs an ideal space for a bridal shower, arrange for a tour of the Odyssey Country Club and take a look at some of the rooms available for special events. Talk about details like catering and decorating the room for the shower. With the aid of the staff, it will not be difficult to create the perfect setting and know that everyone will have a great time.

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