What Should Women Know About Cosmetic Gynecologic Services in Decatur IL?

There are many reasons women seek cosmetic gynecologic services in Decatur IL. Sometimes, a woman has a vagina that is larger in diameter than she would like. This can be caused by genetics but is most often a result of childbirth. When a woman gives birth, her vagina is stretched many times its original size. Though it shrinks back down, it can lose some of its elasticity and becomes slightly stretched. Unfortunately, this can lead to a host of issues but thankfully, there is a laser procedure that can help.

When a woman’s vagina is no longer taught and youthful, it can prevent her from experiencing sexual pleasure because she can no longer feel her partner like she could before she went through a pregnancy. Regrettably, this can also affect her partner because he will no longer feel the pulsating squeeze a youthful vagina offers. In the past, there was little that could be done for a woman, other than to perform kegel exercises religiously. Today, lasers can do the work without a woman ever having to go under the knife.

The cosmetic gynecologic services in Decatur IL can make a woman feel more confident in her sexuality and can dramatically improve her relationship. Because the laser is used to tighten and reduce the diameter of the vagina, a woman can feel much greater pleasure so she is able to enjoy having sex again. The laser can perform many procedures such as:

* Laser reduction labioplasty which reduces the size or length of the labia

* Laser removal of hyperpigmentation for uniform color

* Laser reduction of excess prepuce is for both aesthetic and function improvements

* Laser perineoplasty repairs the perineal area

* Mons lipo sculpting removes fatty deposits that cause bulges

These procedures can be done with a local anesthetic so a woman does not have to be put to sleep. Most women experience fast healing and are soon able to return to their normal level of activity. If you would like to learn more about these cosmetic procedures, contact Hada Cosmetic Medicine so you can schedule a consultation appointment and get started on the process.

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