What to Consider When Ordering Custom Counter Chairs in Ephrata PA

What to Consider When Ordering Custom Counter Chairs in Ephrata PA

The counter of a bar or kitchen is one of the best places for socializing before and during dinner. While many will stand around the bar, it is a good idea to provide seating so that family and guests can be comfortable while being part of the group. While there are a number of counter chair manufacturers, it is a good idea to custom order the pieces desired so that they match the look and feel of the space. Before spending a great deal of money on furniture, be sure to ask a local retailer about the design options that are offered.

Chair Height

Counter Chairs in Ephrata PA are designed to work with a wide array of countertop heights. While the most common are 42 inches, there are also 36-inch models available. It is important to measure the height of a countertop before deciding what height chair will be most comfortable. Use a common household measuring tape, and measure the distance from the floor to the top of the counter to determine the best height for each application.

Design Options

Most chairs can be made from a wide variety of wood tones and fabric choices. Most homeowners choose wood that matches the color of the existing cabinets though some choose one that is complimentary in color. It is also important to choose fabric that will coordinate with any other fabric elements in the home, and one that can be easily cleaned in case spills occur.

Swivel and Leg Options

Furniture manufacturers provide a lot of options when designing pieces. Counter Chairs in Ephrata PA can come with seats that swivel and can be customized with a wide array of leg choices. Consider the type of flooring the chair will most likely sit on, and choose one that has leg options that won’t damage that surface, and will provide a solid base for those who use it.

Don’t waste a great deal of time and money shopping for chairs, when ordering custom designed furniture can be a quick and easy way to get exactly what is needed. Anyone who is in the market for a countertop bar stool should Visit Martin Furniture. They provide a wide array of custom design options that will fit every taste and budget. Talk to one of their design consultants today, and get the furniture needed to turn anyone house into a home.

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