Making Superior Parts with Corner Radius End Mills

The proper and professional use of end mill machinery is absolutely necessary in order to make excellent parts. Knowing how to operate this machinery is really only half the battle, though, since the parts making up the machine need to be of the highest quality. Without the right tools and knowledge, parts may come out with incorrect edges that cannot be used.

For example, if you are looking to add a radius to a part, the use of a corner radius end mill is necessary. There are other ways to add a radius to a part, but none can do so with the accuracy of corner radius end mills. Here is how this type of machinery works for making the right part look professionally made:

First Things First

As mentioned above, end mills are used in order to put a radius or rounded edge on metal parts. These types of parts are used in all sorts of products and equipment, and knowing how to put these rounded edges on requires following a few simple steps. The first thing you want to do is make sure the end mill you are going to use is positioned securely in the clamp or chuck of the spindle machine. Since you need a rounded edge on the part, corner radius end mills are required here. Once the end mill is in place, you next want to put the part you are going to be working on in the vise. It is important to make sure it is in there as tight as possible; many experts suggest using a small hammer to knock the part a few times in order to make sure it’s not moving.

Getting to Work

After accomplishing these first couple of steps, you are now ready to see the precision of corner radius end mills in action. What you want to do is get your spindle machine going and bring the part up until the end mill just grazes the surface of the part. Once this is done, set the machine back to zero and do the same for each side of the part. Making these initial little cuts ensures that the main cuts will not leave annoying and unprofessional-looking burs on the part.

After these initial steps are completed, you are now ready to start making your cuts. All that is required here is to make sure that when you rotate your part for each cut to make sure it is secured tightly in the vise. When all the cuts are complete, simply file off any leftover metal or material and round the corners with a bit of steel wool.

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