What to Expect After Plastic Surgery in Honolulu HI

People choose to have cosmetic procedures done for a number of reasons. A patient may seek Plastic Surgery Honolulu HI, as a way to undo the damage sustained in an accident. Others have been unhappy with something about their appearances for years and want to make some changes. Whatever the motivation, it pays to understand that recovering from the surgery will take a little time. Here some ideas of what to expect after the procedure is completed.

No Mirror At First

One of the more common mistakes that patients make is wanting to look at the results of the plastic surgery in Honolulu HI, soon after the procedure is done. Doing so can often be quite a blow. This is because patients do not take into account the amount of swelling and bruising that may be present for a few days after the surgery. A better approach is to avoid the mirror until the surgeon thinks the time is right. While there may still be some puffiness and bruising that is beginning to fade, it will be easier to look past all that and see how the surgery improves the appearance.

Dealing With Discomfort

There will be some pain immediately after the surgery and in the days to come. The severity of the pain will depend on how complex the procedure happened to be. Rest assured that the surgeon will provide a prescription for the right type of pain management resources. Along with following the usage instructions to the letter, it also pays to use any other advice offered, such as staying out of direct sunlight for a few days.

Potential for Infection

As with any type of surgical procedure, there is the possibility of an infection developing. When the healing does not seem to be progressing at the rate anticipated by the surgeon or the pain is not fading quickly enough, it pays to contact the surgeon and go in for a quick checkup. If an infection has settled in, there are ways to deal with it quickly.

For anyone who is thinking about undergoing some sort of plastic surgery, contact the team at The Ferguson Clinic today. After consulting a professional, it will be easier to settle the details, know what to expect, and look forward to enjoying the results.

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