What to Expect From a Company Like McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA

What to Expect From a Company Like McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA

Most medical supply retailers provide a variety of products from wheelchairs to wound care. People can find compression socks, orthopedic braces, and bed wedges. Supports, incontinence supplies, and blood pressure cuffs are also available. There are plenty of items for most conditions, illnesses, or injuries. Many do not include major equipment.

Those in need of larger products have to go to a brand specific retailer, travel to find the right durable medical equipment, or order items online and search for someone to install them. There are a few experienced retailers, such as McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA, that offer a wider range of products.

Sales, Installation, and Service

Purchasing items like a stairlift is an investment that allows people to maintain independence and remain at home as long as possible. Determining which lift is suitable requires assessment, measurements, and demonstrations. Free in-home consultations are available to provide recommendations and assist with selection.

Some stairlifts are only designed for straight staircases, while others can handle a curved one. There are seats that lift up for unobstructed use of the stairs by other family members. Luxury chairs with alarms and sensors that detect anything in the way are offered. Economy lifts are more cost-effective and will get people up and down safely.

The installation has to be completed correctly to ensure safety, protect the manufacturer warranty, and prevent damage to the walls and steps. Trained technicians, like those employed by McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA, will install stairlifts once they’re purchased by customers. Service, repairs, and maintenance are also offered.

Proper Fitting

Wheelchairs, lift chairs, walkers, scooters, and canes have to be fitted or adjusted to the customer for optimal benefits. A lift chair that is too narrow, for example, can lead to pressure points, lack of circulation, and someone being unable to get out of the chair once it is in the standing position.

A showroom is available for customers to view and try stairlifts, compare lift chairs, and have walkers adjusted by knowledgeable staff. Customers can Click Here for full details, to browse all items offered, or arrange for a consultation. Getting all needs taken care of in one place saves time, money, and hassle.

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