What to Expect From After School Child Care in Pittsburgh PA

After school lets out, many parents need a safe place for their children to go while they are still working. An after school child care program is often ideal, as it is far more than just a babysitting solution. A program of this nature allows children to continue to learn and grow. After school child care in Pittsburgh, PA includes several services that parents can expect.


All children will have the opportunity to get some exercise. This may be in the form of simple playground time, or kids may get to play some sports. Soccer and basketball are two of the popular activity choices for many children.

Computer Use

Kids will have the opportunity to use the computer. There are certain games and learning apps that they can use during their computer time. Each of them is highly interactive and works to teach children something, whether that be ABCs, math, or otherwise.


Children will have time to work on their own, but there is also a major emphasis on teamwork. Team building skills are taught during this after school program so that kids can learn to work together to solve a problem. This may be done through basic learning exercises, or can also be applied during a sports game.

Art and Music

Art and music are two very important things for children, as they each help kids get in-tune with their creative sides. Daily art and music activities allow children to explore their creative nature and come up with unique artwork to show their parents. Dance is also incorporated into this.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play is utilized to help students gain more creativity. It is used during the social studies component, to help students grow their social skills. Plays, puppet shows, and other interactive methods are used for this aspect.

After school child care in Pittsburgh, PA helps children gain some extra time and attention on their school work. Parents can rest assured that their kids are somewhere safe and learning while they themselves are still at work. Visit the website to learn more about the many offerings of after school child care.

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