What to look for in a Condo

What to look for an Upper East Side condo for sale, you’re in luck. There are many of them available and they range in size, style, age, design and of course, price. That means that before you actually start your search, you’ll have to decide on what type of condo you’re actually looking for. Here are some factors to look at before you choose your perfect home:

  • Amenities: Most condos have an assortment of amenities. This could include things like an exercise room, pool, community room, games room, storage lockers and/or hobbies room. Before purchasing your condo, look at some of these amenities to see whether they are in good/clean condition, and how old the equipment is, if there is a gym included.

  • Condo Fees: There are varying condo fees, and these depend on many different things, such as how many amenities are included, the location, the size of the condo, the age of the building, and if there are utilities included. Some condos include things like heat and cable, while others do not. Before purchasing a condo, make sure you know what the fee is, and what it includes.

  • Location: Choose a condo that suits your locale. Is it close to work, or to a transit system? Is it in a nice neighborhood, or does it have a high crime rate? Is the building full of mostly retired folks, or is there a mix of families and single professionals too?

  • Age: The age of the entire building should be a consideration; as the building ages, more work will need to be done, like windows, roof and balconies. This means you may be susceptible to special assessments, which could mean thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

Searching for an Upper East Side Condo for sale can be a pleasant experience if you know what type of condo you’re looking for.

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