Understanding Ants to Improve Ant Control in Tulsa, OK

When people think of pest control what comes to mind is termites or cockroaches. Unfortunately, ants can be just as much of a pestilential hassle, and not all exterminators have the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with them. As a result home owners, seeking solutions for Ant Control in Tulsa OK should be sure to hire exterminators that have the specific knowledge necessary to remove an ant infestation.

Ants can enter the home through even an extremely small crack to seek out sources of water or food. They prefer the smells of sweet and greasy substances, and once one has found its way into the kitchen or pantry, it can leave a chemical scent trail for others to follow. This is due to the pheromones that ants emit. What starts out as one or a few ants in the pantry can quickly grow to a colony numbering as many as 500,000. They can build their nests just about anywhere, including in the walls of houses and beneath their foundations, and should the colony be threatened they are entirely capable of uprooting the whole thing and relocating very quickly. This increases the importance of targeting the entire colony rather than just killing whatever ants are currently visible in the home and makes DIY approaches consequently ineffective.

In order to understand Ant Control in Tulsa OK, it’s helpful to take a look at their life cycle. They go through three stages over the course of several months before reaching maturity, and worker ants can live as long as seven years depending on the subspecies. Ants begin as extremely tiny eggs. They are oval shaped and transparent, and there can be a very large amount of them. Within two weeks the eggs hatch and produce larvae, which look like small grubs. These larvae must consume huge amounts of food to save up energy for the pupal stage. In this stage, they begin to adopt the appearance of adults, with legs and antennae that are folded against the body. Some species house these pupae in protective cocoons.

Finally, the pupae become adults, who will shamelessly invade a household trying to feed the colony and can become quite a nuisance. If left unchecked. Want to learn more about ants and ant infestations? Click here for more information.

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